OpenGL capabilities database

Last updated: August 2015

Based on data submitted by players of 0 A.D., between 2015-02-20 and 2015-08-20. See the index page for more stuff. Contact Philip Taylor for questions.

Browse the data here, or download as JSON (see format description). Feel free to do whatever you want with the data.

The listed extensions are based on the GL_EXTENSIONS string: we don't show an extension as supported if it's not explicitly advertised, even if GL_VERSION is a version where that extension was folded into the main spec.

The extension support percentages are based on the number of user/device/driver combinations, from a total of 33345. This is obviously hopelessly biased and unrepresentative so don't read too much into the numbers.

The listed device names are based on GL_RENDERER, with boring components stripped out. Driver versions on Windows are determined from DLL versions; if we can't guess which is the correct DLL then we try to list all the detectable DLLs. Driver versions on Linux are determined from GL_VERSION, when it's encoded in there.

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